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Personal Statement Help

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a comprehensive review proving that the applicant is suitable for the department they are willing to get enrolled in. When writing a good personal statement, the student should emphasize their strong sides, skills, and ambitions. As usual, good personal statement examples include paragraphs about the applicant’s personality, interests, and extracurricular activities and also describe in short how they are going to advance their knowledge and professional skills in the future. So, in brief, the goal of writing a personal statement for university is to convince the admission tutors why you are a worthy candidate. Get personal statement help to feel more confident and increase your chances to be selected for the desired faculty.

Writing your personal statement plays a crucial role in the enrollment process and applying to the university in general as well. A personal essay is a document that will take you straight to your dream university. You should think well about what to put in a personal statement to impress the admission committee, who will assess your personality and distinguish your potential while looking through the text.

Thus, you should be knowledgeable about how to write an excellent application. It also deals with writing a personal statement for a job when you plan to change your career development path. In both cases, you have to point out the most decent personal features that will facilitate your further academic or job-related progress.

How to write a good personal statement?

It may become a challenging task for almost every student to create a well-structured university statement. An applicant can encounter dozens of questions and controversies before and while writing an application. However, unfortunately, at such a critical moment, you have no idea about what to begin a personal statement with and what is worth to be mentioned. So, to avoid frustration and misunderstanding, you had better contact a university application writing service that will prepare a top-notch document for you.

A professional application document can boost your chances of becoming a top-rated candidate for the desired university. Therefore, try hard to create a visually appealing and engaging essay that will catch the attention of the admissions board. Do not plagiarize examples of the best personal statements. Show only your own opinions, ideas, values, and way of thinking. It should not be a copy of someone’s work. It is a unique presentation of you.

The way you present yourself in the statement indicates whether you are a fitting candidate for the university. Hence, you should learn how to ‘sell’ yourself successfully. Here are some general tips on how to craft an appropriate college personal statement to apply for any educational specialty you are interested in:

  • Keep your text well-formulated by logically providing information.
  • Do not make it too long. Speak to the point.
  • Your style has to be easy to read. There should be the introduction part, main body, and conclusion.
  • Do not exaggerate. Tell only the truth and list your real skills and academic rankings.
  • Be convincing in your statements. Demonstrate your interest in the chosen university or college department.

What to write in a personal statement?

Firstly, what you should write in your personal statement about are your school and extracurricular activities. Such a description has to be focused on your personality traits, interests, hobbies, and preferences. You can mention whether you participated in some student organizations or took part in educational meetings, etc. Such facts indicate your flexibility, easy-going nature, and ability to adjust to new situations and find common ground with different people.

Secondly, we advise writing about your areas of interest, both academic and personal. Mention what subjects you would like to concentrate on the most and in what direction you want to self-develop and get higher results. Do not forget to explain why those very subjects interest you and how they are connected with your future occupation.

Thirdly, talk shortly about your career goals. If you have already determined what sphere you are willing to work in, then dwell on this topic and share your ideas about the prospects for the particular area. Point out what position you would like to get in the future and why. But, if you still cannot define what occupation can suit you, do not worry. Tutors will help you solve this issue and will direct your attention to specific fields later, depending on your success in particular subjects.

Last but not least, add recommendations from your teachers if you have ones. Be sure it will bring a positive impact.

What questions should you answer in a personal statement?

Your personal statement should mostly contain facts about your academic performance and personal features despite your academic rankings and work experience if you have it. This document for enrollment should highlight your personality and demonstrate your potential.

Before writing a personal statement, brainstorm a little to gather all ideas and make some outlines. While working on the text, try to find answers to the questions that will probably interest the admission board. Such queries can concern your first academic or professional experience, what your strongest sides are, and what you need to improve. You also can be asked about some personal traits and ways how you could fix a particular situation.

What is a UCAS personal statement?

A UCAS personal statement is an application that describes your prowess, experience, aspirations, and plans and generally reflects your personality for the admission tutors at the university or college you are applying to. It is an essential essay that is assessed by the university admissions staff. They decide whether you are a perfect fit for the chosen field. It is coordinated by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service based in Great Britain to ensure the smoothness of students’ application process.

You can face lots of hurdles while preparing a UCAS application to get enrolled in the desired department, and even the smallest mistake can play a pivotal role. Before starting to write it, make sure you are familiar with all the requirements, come up with a plan, and determine the structure of the text. You also can use a UCAS personal statement sample to simplify the writing process and outline the main points that are necessary to include.

If you have already prepared your essay but want someone to check and proofread it, you can get UCAS personal statement help from proficient writers and editors who will assess your text and, if needed, make it more meritorious and exceptional.

Personal statement structure

A proper personal statement cannot be prepared in a day. As a rule, the creation of any essay starts with thinking about the topics you want to address in your text and several drafts. The most problematic thing is to begin working on your personal statement. Let’s discuss useful tips on how to get your application ready in a few days.

How long should a personal statement be?

When getting started to write a personal statement, make sure that you meet all the university requirements and that you comply with the standard. By following this rule, do your best to engage the admissions board and persuade them that you are a promising candidate who ideally suits the department.

Do not make your essay too long. Speak to the point. The average length of personal statement can vary and be at most two pages long. Firstly, if you hesitate about the precise volume of the text, check it in the university requirements for text formatting. Normally, each college has its own specifications.

To keep the volume of the essay as needed, plan out your statement thoughtfully. Include only concise and relevant information. Avoid repetitions and controversial statements. Provide accurate and clear information about yourself.

How to start a personal statement?

Think out the structure of a personal statement well. The introduction should contain convincing and compelling information that will hook the admissions tutors from the very beginning. It should cover why you want to obtain this specialization and what your plans are after getting a diploma.

The introduction part of your personal essay should contain the statements that will impress the admission committee and make them think you are the applicant who deserves acceptance the most. Talk about what you like about the sphere you have opted for. Expound on your interest in it and highlight that this profession matches your traits.

What should a personal statement include?

Before writing, think well about the things to include in a personal statement. Do not hesitate and use a list of the topics we recommend that you address in your text:

  • Tell about your areas of interest concerning the chosen field, what appeals to you the most about it, and what issues in it seem unclear to you.
  • Describe your previous work experience in a similar field. Give a succinct answer to the question of what difficulties you experienced and what you achieved while working there. If you did not work earlier at all, write about your career goals.
  • Emphasize your strong traits and key accomplishments that can be suitable for this field and will help you in fulfilling your academic ambitions.
  • Explain how earning a degree will help you reach your professional goals.
  • Besides, academic and professional objectives say much about your personality.

Mention your after-school activities, what classes you attended, and whether you participated in any conferences and student meetings. Write about your unordinary teamwork and organizational skills that can be of much use during your studies at the university.

How to conclude a personal statement?

When everything is ready, you have to write an enthralling and logical ending. It should not be too long. Just one concise summarizing paragraph is needed. Keep a positive tone until the end.

When ending your personal statement, you are supposed to persuade the admission committee that you are the student who the department needs. The admission tutors want to see your confidence, readiness to face difficulties during studies, and the ability to use your strengths effectively.

Remember well that a personal statement is a way you ‘sell’ yourself to the admission board. Provide information that can best represent you as a student deserving of enrollment by restating what you have told at the beginning.

Most popular type of personal statement

When you are searching for some information on the internet on how to create a first-class personal statement and some impeccably written statement example, you are likely to find a multitude of essays. In general, they are quite similar at first glance, but they differ in purpose. Hence, to prepare an amazing personal essay, you have to be aware of the slightest difference between all its types to write it correctly and in accordance with the requirements.

Medical school personal statement

A personal statement for medical school should include information pertinent to medical-oriented applications and show the student’s personality as favorably as possible. As you know, when you apply to the medical university or college, you will study general medicine, and only after getting a bachelor’s degree or studying for three years, you will have a chance to choose a narrow specialization.

Thus, it is better to include facts about academic and working attainments that are apposite to the general medicine department.

It is imperative to list your fantastic interpersonal skills and personality attributes that are paramount for a physician or nurse during communication with patients.

Mention whether you have some work experience in the medical field. It would be an advantage for you if you assisted a doctor in a hospital or even worked as a nurse or internee in a private clinic. Remember that any experience is worth referring to.

Law school personal statement

A personal statement for law school is an essay that provides the admissions board with an overall picture of the student’s personality. It should communicate the message that you are the best candidate eager to advance your knowledge of law and justice to build a legal career. Mentioning your passion for getting qualified as a lawyer can give you a competitive edge.

To get enrolled in law school, talk about your adroitness, experience, and full understanding of your intentions and goals related to this field. If you stress your ambitions and genuine interest in the selected faculty, it will increase the likelihood of success.

Residency personal statement

A personal statement for residency is an application that demonstrates your personality and desire to acquire a specific education. Mostly, this kind of personal essay concerns physicians, for example, willing to upgrade their qualifications. It is a marvelous opportunity to tell about your most striking accomplishments, experience, and personal characteristics.

You should remember that a residency essay has to be focused mostly on the job-seeking process because it is meant to emphasize your professionalism. Such a piece of writing must include more specific facts about your attainments, which should serve as evidence of your suitability as a candidate.

Nonetheless, the general requirement for a residency personal statement is to include an explanation about what your reasons for choosing this specialty are, what your long-term goals are, and what you want to achieve.

Dental school personal statement

Dentistry is a specialization that requires in-depth health-related knowledge, technical skills, and remarkable personal qualities that a highly qualified dentist has to possess. Therefore, you should fully focus on your most fabulous abilities, academic rankings, available experience, and ambition to become a proficient dentist.

A personal statement for dental school should also include facts about your work experience or participation in some volunteering or charitable healthcare activities. It would be a plus if you attended some additional dental training as it would capture the admissions board’s interest. List those abilities of yours that are appropriate for this specialization, for example, communication skills and high concentration.

Personal statement for job & CV

A personal statement for job applications is a written work showing that you are a professional in your field, demonstrating your strengths and relevant qualifications, and emphasizing that the company can benefit from hiring you thanks to your competence.

When crafting a personal statement for CV, you should convey your aspiration to learn new things and gain new experience. Keep in mind that most employers prefer those employees who are open to new knowledge and can adapt to any situation and conditions.

Such a type of personal statement will introduce you to the employer. Thus you have to strive to prepare a superb job application essay. Being limited in space, try to make it logical, comprehensible, and filled with relevant info only.

Personal statement for scholarship

A candidate for a scholarship or an academic fellowship should include their own achievements and cogent tutor’s recommendations in their scholarship personal statement. You also need to mention your academic and career-related ambitions.

Students who are going to apply for a scholarship program are expected to show stellar results. Hence, you should demonstrate a profound grasp of the chosen field to be able to compete with other applicants and have some attainments that will make the admission tutors understand you are out of the ordinary.

Personal statement for masters degree

A masters personal statement is a significant part of the postgraduate application for student’s enrollment in master’s university programs. It is an essay in which the applicant shows their professional skills, the experience they have already gained, and the willingness to get a deserved place at the chosen faculty.

The main things you have to express are an unshakeable desire to study at the particular faculty, the reasons that you have opted for this specialty, and what appeals to you about it the most. Show your acquirements in a laconic manner.

The introduction part should explain to the reader why you want to obtain a master’s degree and what you aspire to do after reaching this goal of yours. The main body has to be about your admirable personality traits, work experience, and academic progress. The final part should summarize why it is worth enrolling you.

Personal statement questions & answers

The period of applying to universities and colleges is when you can show yourself to the university admission committee as effectually as possible. It takes lots of time and effort to get prepared for this process. It is vital that you provide the admission tutors with a positive essay that depicts you as a skilled person both when studying and when communicating with others.

Some universities require students to structure their personal essays according to the questions they anticipate that each applicant will answer. The most common ones are connected with further study-related plans, career realization, and personal traits. What are your notable features? What are your educational goals? What are your benefits compared to other students? The admission tutors are eager to hear answers to the questions mentioned above.

Just remember to follow the rules and take every possible action to present your candidature efficaciously.

How do I make my personal statement stand out?

Lots of applicants ask Google about how to create a memorable personal essay. The reason is that we all know submitting a common application essay is no more the best decision to prove yourself. So, students begin to search for a helping hand on the internet to get some tips on writing a great personal statement.

It is the truth that the admissions officers read through lots of similar applications during the enrollment process. Most probably, they give preference to those applicants who leave an impression on them and catch their eye by preparing a piece of writing that looks better than other ones. Also, including all the required facts in your text will be of considerable importance to the selection process.

Therefore, our platform offers affordable personal statement help to boost your chances to be noticed. The steps to writing an effective personal statement are:

The first weighty detail is full adherence to the formatting requirements. You have to write your essay by dividing it into logical sections and provide information step by step. The consistent flow of your narrative is what the admission tutors do like to see. A coherent story that informs the reader fully about your personality is the core point.
Next, you should determine which personal achievements you want to point out to make your essay absorbing. By mentioning academic or personal attainments, you show that you are a successful and well-rounded applicant and can gain even higher results if accepted to the educational institution you are applying to. Forget about test scores and other grades, and tell about your experience and leading activities. A description of you has to be unique and incontrovertible. It must not look like other applicants’ statements.
It will be much useful to start with preparing a template of your personal statement to avoid some silly mistakes in its final version. Read it aloud to understand whether it sounds clear and what are its main features. When everything is fixed, then you can send it to the university. It is worth writing your personal statement in advance to have time for some corrections before final proofreading.

What should you not write in a personal statement?

When it is time for applying to the college and writing a strong personal statement, you should go the extra mile to perform as well as possible and persuade the admissions board that you are who they need. You have a limited number of characters to represent your candidacy in a personal statement. To do it right, you have to know what information you should not add to your essay:

  • Pointless facts. Do not mess up your personal essay with information that is completely irrelevant. There is no need to talk about your childhood years and hobbies like dancing, sewing, or practicing yoga if you have decided to enter the law faculty. Point out those things that look pertinent to it. In case you describe your interests and activities, do not forget to back them up with real situations from your life. Speak as close as you can to the topic of your statement.
  • Weaknesses. Do not ever mention your weak sides in the essay and avoid negative self-estimation. If you do so, then you will surely minimize the likelihood of passing the admission tutor’s evaluation. Pay all of your attention to your benefits that are applicable to the preferred education opportunity.
  • Grammar & punctuation mistakes. Your personal statement has to be flawless as it can be a decision-maker when it comes to the selection of students. You should follow the requirements for text formatting and adhere to stylistic and grammar rules.
  • Exaggerations and boastful phrases. Do not ever overestimate yourself. You should not ever overpraise your abilities and personality in general. It looks so noticeable and quite strange when anyone tells that something happened due to their ingenuity and skills. No one likes swellhead people.

Follow these tips, avoid undesirable information, and your personal statement will be of higher quality.

How is your personal statement used by universities?

The admissions committee uses students’ personal statements to get acquainted with them and assess their candidacy. Besides the grades, the content of the statement also influences the general perception of the student and has a big impact on their chances to get accepted to the university. In some controversial situations, a personal statement is a document that determines whether the applicant will get enrolled at the desired faculty. Additionally, it is used during the period of qualifying exams to decide whether the student is worthy of getting a place in the college or being invited to an interview. So, in general, a personal statement is used to score the applicant.

What happens to personal statements that have been copied?

It is forbidden to copy UCAS personal statements. Each applicant has to know that plagiarism is always detected because the uniqueness of the personal statement is the salient requirement for all students. Every university or college has a specialized service or department that checks students’ applications for the admission process to be fair. Therefore, you must submit your own text that includes only true, accurate, and original info.

Remember that it is not allowed to copy an essay from the internet or that of your friend. UCAS uses systems that help to find similar sentences or paragraphs posted online or in pieces of writing prepared by others. So, if more than 10% of the info in your personal statement is copied, then you will not manage to achieve your aim. Even if you are a leader in the ranking but have taken some sections from the web and added them to your statement, you will lose your opportunity to become a student at the chosen educational establishment.

Writing a personal statement on your own is highly esteemed. You have to provide a unique application document that illustrates your personality and accomplishments, which cannot be similar to those of another person. It is obvious why you have to fulfill this task by yourself: this way, you make your essay and thus your candidacy more likely to succeed.

What else you can do is to ask a writing service for personal statement help. Professional writers will adhere to all the university requirements, use info about your personality, and craft a brilliant personal statement that will be plagiarism-free and relevant to the chosen academic area of study.

An undoubted advantage will be attaching a recommendation letter to your personal essay. Be sure that it will favorably impact your statement and boost your chances to be accepted to the department you have opted for. Imagine that you are the person who will read this letter and try to determine what questions you would like to ask. Persuasive letters of recommendation contain answers to these questions. As a rule, such a piece of writing is prepared by a school teacher or a person the applicant cooperated with earlier. A letter of recommendation conclusion is meant to sum up information about the candidate where the writer has to convince readers to choose this person as a student.