Guide to a Convincing Letter of Intent for Graduate School

What Does Letter of Intent for Graduate School Mean?

In addition to the personal statement, mission statement, and curriculum vitae (CV), many institutions also ask for a letter of intent for graduate school. It is a kind of intellectual autobiography in which the student describes the events and feelings they experienced during the studies that motivated them to pursue higher education. With a letter of intent, the graduate student can describe in detail what or who led them to choose an educational program and college.

It is important to remember that each graduate school and program may have completely different requirements for a letter of intent for graduate school. Therefore, before you begin writing your graduate letter of intent, familiarize yourself with the exact institution demands, including specific content, letter of intent format graduate school, sections, length, etc. But there are some rules and features that can simplify your job and get the perfect application document as a result. So let’s find out why it’s important and how to write a letter of intent for graduate school correctly and efficiently.

Letter of Intent Graduate School – What to Start From

A letter of intent is a cover document for a graduate school admission. It shows who the applicant is, their academic background, goals, intents for applying to the program, and why the admissions committee should consider them for graduate school admission. To begin writing letter of intent graduate school, you should come up with various ideas and research to gather all the necessary information. At this point, reviewing the program brochure or guide in detail is essential and ensuring that the graduate program you want to apply to aligns with your career goals.

Tips on How to Write a Letter of Intent for Grad School

First, you must choose a way to write your letter of intent for graduate school. If you plan to write about your accomplishments and goals, you should follow a formal style, but if you want to share who you are and why you want to go to graduate school, this is a personal writing style. So how to write a letter of intent for grad school? It’s essential to keep in mind a specific style, structure, format, and basic principles of writing.

Some More Recommendations on Graduate School Letter of Intent

Let’s have a look at the essential tips for writing a letter of intent for grad school:

  • Gather all the information you need about the college and the graduate admission program.
  • Make sure the chosen graduate school fits your needs and goals.
  • Take notes – what will go into your letter of intent for graduate school?
  • Choose the letter writing template you like best and begin with the draft.
  • After a while, proofread the draft, making changes if necessary.
  • Proceed to the second draft of the graduate school letter of intent and make sure that it has no spelling or grammatical mistakes; the words are chosen correctly and by the planned style.
  • Get help from several people, ask them to read your letter of intent, and give you honest feedback. Then make changes if you think their comments are appropriate.
  • Get to work on the final version of your letter of intent for graduate school.
  • Depending on what format the admissions committee expects your letter of intent to be submitted, prepare it (print it out or send it online).

Template of a Convincing Grad School Letter of Intent

To create a perfect grad school letter of intent, you should follow a specific structure to ensure it is convincing and compelling:

  1. Specify your full name, valid address, and contact information.
  2. While submitting your letter of intent to graduate, it’s crucial to add a date stamp.
  3. Add the name and address of a recipient.
  4. Get the recipient’s attention and greet them politely.
  5. Start the introduction by specifying the reasons for writing your letter for graduate application.
  6. In the main paragraph, you should tell what makes you stand out from other graduate school candidates (about 2-3 paragraphs).
  7. Summarize the statement of intent for grad school, emphasize the graduate school program’s value to you, and thank the committee for their time.
  8. Write your full name again at the bottom of the letter of intent for graduate school and sign it.
letter of intent for grad school

It’s worth noting although many experts recommend discovering what is a letter of intent for graduate school with templates, you should remember they are just references. Use general structure and formatting tips, but the central part and the main idea must be well-personalized, discovering your own thoughts and purposes for education in graduate school. Also, make sure that the information you include is not repeated in the recommendation letter or other parts of your application.

Format of Letter of Intent Grad School

Proper formatting of your letter of intent for graduate school is just as important because the way the text is written makes it quality and unique and attracts the committee’s attention. Formatting will definitely help you to present the content of your letter of intent grad school correctly.

As for the content, we recommend you follow the active voice, use logical transitions between sentences and paragraphs, include only precise information, and make your letter of intent for graduate school shorter. Regarding the style, ensure you follow the same font size and don’t use bold colors or italics.

Get Help with Writing Graduate School Letter of Intent

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