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Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

How many of us have ever considered the help of a letter of recommendation writing service? I mean, many of us definitely faced the situations when we desperately needed professional assistance, without being judged or charged a tidy sum of money. When you are applying to your dream college or for the job you have always wanted, it is hard not to get nervous and feel challenged. Gathering all the needed documents, including a letter of recommendation, you need to stay focused and aimed at success, but what if your confidence happens to slip away when you need it the most? That is when you need a supportive team of specialists to guide you through the whole process and make sure you succeed in the end.

What is a letter of recommendation?

So let’s get deeper into the subject by answering the question, ‘What is a letter of recommendation for a job?’ It is a document prepared by your ex-boss, teacher, client, colleague, or anyone else who can write a review on your work or study by listing your skills, achievements, and personal qualities. Writing a letter of recommendation for a job applicant or promotion is very responsible work to do and can take a lot of time and mental activity. It has to be taken seriously and written by using all knowledge of the person and their performance. Before you let somebody handle this task for you, make sure they can respond to a popular query, ‘What is a professional letter of recommendation?’ They must not let you down when doing you such an important and maybe even life-changing favor. A professional referral letter is a brief story about your professional or student life where your characteristics are shown as positively as possible, and your conscientious work is proven. We guess you are wondering, ‘What is a letter of recommendation for college?’ We suppose you are curious about what it can do for you. If yes, then just trust us: if it is good, honest, and able to ‘sell’ your best skills, it is literally your ticket to the desired future, so you cannot waste your chance and must be sure it is in good hands. Whether you need this document for the university admission tutors or the next employer, it has to show your capability to suit and make the best contribution. Your recommendation letter to college must not be written by someone who does not seem to care about you and will not put their heart into preparing this document for you. There are many cases when referral letters played a more dramatic role in succeeding than the other materials people provided their future boss or the admission officers with.

How to write a letter of recommendation?

As we said before, writing a good recommendation letter is quite a challenge and also a huge responsibility. By the way, let’s be honest, sometimes we cannot be sure if people’s perception of us is favorable or corresponds with our expectations of ourselves. It is not easy to find a person who really knows the best side of you and can describe it properly. Writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher can be hard because you have to put in a good word for the person but not to overpraise them. On the contrary, sometimes those who write recommendation letters do not say enough positive and encouraging stuff about the person because of being afraid of sounding too vanilla. Therefore, before writing a recommendation letter for graduate school, you should pick the right person or a professional team like ours. If you are not sure that a specific individual can write positive feedback on your work, then it is better to find someone you completely trust.

If you are the one who has been asked to write a recommendation letter, then you also have to put much effort into this task. If you do not feel comfortable or confident about doing this job, then you had better not even get started. Writing a letter of recommendation for a professor can be complicated, but there are the same rules for writing a letter of recommendation for college or for a student. If you have agreed on preparing such a piece of writing for someone, then remember the following tips:

  • Stick to the job/specialty description. Use the proper language and describe all the relevant skills and accomplishments that this specific company or university will appreciate.
  • Talk about how you are related to this person and how long you have known each other.
  • Choose the person’s strongest features and by providing examples depict some events when these characteristics were demonstrated.
  • Stay positive and confident. You should sound like you do not have any doubts that this individual is a perfect fit for this specific position/department.
  • Include your contact information and be ready to answer any further questions and provide more details.

We get it. Writing a job reference letter does sound like a demanding job, so you must do it by choice. If you feel uncertain, you do not have enough experience shared with this person, or maybe your feedback can seem too one-sided and far-fetched, then you had better decline this offer. It is crucial to stay honest and sincere when doing such a kind of work for someone.

Structure of a letter of recommendation

Now when you finally ready to get the work done, let’s talk about the recommendation letter structure because while it may sound unimportant, it is really something you should also pay your attention to. When you think about how to begin a recommendation letter, remember to keep it professional and formal. Your job is to prepare a convincing piece of writing, so you should avoid blurry and watered-down language and be precise and laconic. Before you find yourself lost when thinking about what to include in a letter of recommendation, follow our advice. Start with an interesting introduction and tell where and how you met the applicant and how long you guys have known each other. In the next paragraph, you have to outline the professional, academic, and personal attainments and strengths of the applicant. It is also time for a couple of stories that will show that the person owns these qualities and uses them in the right way. There definitely should be some bright moments when the applicant proved themselves in the best way possible and stood out from the others. There should be something that makes them special. Dedicate a whole paragraph to the applicant’s personality and share their inspiring characteristics. Maybe this person was helpful to newbies at work, showing them around and train them fast. Perhaps, they are incredibly stress-tolerant and always act smartly. Maybe they excel at time management or brainstorming at work meetings. Focus on positives and sound realistic. Quality is even more significant than the length of letter of recommendation.

If you write a recommendation letter for work, it is better not to address the topic of leaving the previous job, unless it is something non-negative or unaligned. You do not have to be more of a hindrance than help by being 100% honest but bringing up some unpleasant reasons for leaving the job. Your task is to help, not ruin the opportunity. By the way, talking of the recommendation letter ending, it is always a good idea to encourage people to contact you in case there is a need for more details or clarification. Do not give your word if you are not sure, but if you are, it would be cool to finish with strong persuasion that the applicant is an ideal candidate.

How long should a letter of recommendation be?

We assume you are asking yourself, ‘How long should a letter of recommendation be for graduate school?’ Keep in mind the golden rule: not too long, but not too short. Writing a long-winded and convoluted letter with lots of unnecessary words and examples can actually be a disservice to the applicant. That is when more is worse. On the other hand, only one or two paragraphs can seem not enough to get to know the applicant. It may appear that you really do not care or maybe do not know the person well. The optimum letter of recommendation length is about one page, where you stay focused and precise. So, whether it is a paper for the admission tutors in college or a referral letter for a job or any organization, keep it that way. Write your paragraphs succinctly, comply with the structural arrangement, and strive for a successful outcome. You might still be racking your brain looking for the answer to the question, ‘How long should a college recommendation letter be?’ We advise you to stick to 500 words. After all, you do not want to waste the reader’s time. Your job is to persuade the reader that the candidate you are writing about is completely suitable for the position/specialization, not to dwell on their whole life starting with kindergarten. Also, do not be too breviloquent for the letter not to seem carelessly written and shallow. Create a powerful and supporting piece of writing to live up to the applicant’s expectations because we bet that this person relies on your help very much.

How to start a letter of recommendation?

There is always this struggle, how to begin a recommendation letter, and well, we cannot say it has come out of nowhere. Let’s be honest. To write an effective beginning with meaningful words is not easy. Take into account our advice: before you start writing, it would be useful to meet with the applicant. It will give you an understanding of what the person expects of you and what they hope for. It would be nice to be on the same page as the applicant and agree upon details before you dive into work. Starting a letter of recommendation after you get acquainted with the person’s work samples is also a good idea. You can ask the applicant some questions, such as why they have chosen this school/job/organization, how their choice meets their expectations, and what they intend to accomplish there. These three main questions will make your work easier, and it also might help the applicant to convey their aspirations. After you talk to the person, it is time to write the letter of recommendation introduction. This paragraph should be a response to the question of who the applicant is and where they would like to be accepted. The intro should also include information about your relationships with the candidate and how long you have known each other.

What should a letter of recommendation include?

Now let’s talk about what things to include in a recommendation letter. As we said before, you should start with the way you are related to the applicant, how this person is qualified, and which of their skills you approve. You should also provide some examples of when these skills were demonstrated and explain how they relate to the desired position or faculty. So what to include in a letter of recommendation for graduate school? We hope that the candidate gives you all the needed information and tells you about every single detail regarding their request. For example, if the person aims at a head’s position, they would probably like you to highlight their leadership potential and high responsibility. Maybe the candidate’s goal is to work in a team, and then you should single out their amazing capacity for teamwork and finding common ground with people. So stop wondering about what to include in a letter of recommendation for college and start following our piece of advice or get our team’s assistance. Also, talk about the applicant’s motivation and reasons they want exactly this position, and in the end, mention the contribution they will make in case of acceptance.

How to conclude a letter of recommendation?

When you think about the letter of recommendation conclusion, it is vital to remember that you have to end the paper on an optimistic note. Here you can actually relax a little bit because it is the easiest part of the letter. All you need to do is to summarize everything you have written in the main body and keep a decent impression on the reader so they can be willing to accept the person straight away. A strong letter of recommendation needs to contain a concise and compelling ending that complies with what has been stated throughout the rest of the paper. Your last words in the letter have to vocally and confidently communicate the message that the candidate is the one the reader must opt for.

Most popular type of a letter of recommendation

There are many different types of recommendation letter. Nonetheless, there are three main kinds: personal, academic, and professional. If you are writing a letter of recommendation for teacher, it means your type is academic. It can also be called a school or college type. A lot of institutions ask for a reference letter besides other documents, such as an application and personal statement. When writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher, share the applicant’s academic capacity, knowledgeability about the chosen field, and career aspirations. It is often written for a student by a teacher or a professor, so we hope you have a good relationship with such important people. Now you know that writing a letter of recommendation for a professor requires you to be a good student so it can sound genuine.

If you are applying to college, for a scholarship, or any special programs, then most definitely, you will have to choose the right person and not at the last minute. Writing a letter of recommendation for student may seem like an easy thing to do as it is only one page long, what possibly can be hard? But please, do not take it thoughtlessly, after all, your future can depend on that, sorry for the high-sounding words. Not to mention that a college recommendation letter is often required to be sent along with an application. This reference can play a pivotal role in your career, especially if the position is somehow connected with academic performance. Actually, a high-quality professor letter of recommendation can eventually help you get a job if you do not have enough work experience, but if you have perfectly studied the discipline at school and have approving feedback from your teacher or professor. That is exactly where being a bright student in school or college can pay off. Your nursing school recommendation letter or letter of recommendation for graduate school can really show what result you are going to achieve based on your behavior and progress as a student. Select the recommender meticulously if you need an academic recommendation letter. It must be someone you feel confident about and have warm and trustful relationships with. You must not miss a chance and have to entrust a dependable person with writing letters of recommendation for college admissions, which some institutions and organizations demand that should be presented in sealed envelopes with the writer’s signature over it. Do not let yourself suffer pondering if the reference is satisfactory. Make sure to turn to the one who will speak on your behalf impeccably.
Also, remember that writing an academic letter of recommendation is not the simplest task. It takes time and concentration on the subject. So if you want your scholarship reference letter to be unique and serve the goal, then ask your teacher to write it in advance so that rush cannot mess up anything. Moreover, it is just rude to give the recommender a task at the last minute. Showing respect, in this case, is critical. By the way, not only teachers or professors can write a letter of recommendation for masters program for you. You also can ask the supervisor, guidance counselor, or administrator to do you this favor. Of course, ask them to do it before you graduate so the information can be relevant, and you can attach the letter to your application or resume anytime. Feel free to request several copies, and it will be cool if there are formal and informal versions so you can choose later which of them you need for your career at a specific time. Whether you need a recommendation letter for nursing school, military letter of recommendation, or letter of recommendation for doctoral program, all of these papers require hard work for your candidature to be highly esteemed.

Let’s also take a close look at a professional type of recommendation letter. It can also be called an employer reference and be used for your work application. This kind of letter can be written by your ex-boss, supervisor, or manager and has to be about your work performance, professional skills, and acquirements. To be clear, it does not differ too much from a letter of recommendation for an internship or a reference letter for scholarships. In any of them, you should seem to be out of the ordinary.

Reference letters for a job define your work ethic, attributes, and abilities and can be a great help when you are applying for a new job. You can attach your letter of recommendation for job to your resume when sending it to the employer or publish it on your website if you have one. You can also use it as an addition to your portfolio and take it to job interviews. Taking your business school recommendation letter to your job appointment is a brilliant idea when you are applying for a relevant position. Impress your future boss with your foresight and scrupulous preparation. During the meeting, hand them your business reference letter as additional evidence of your suitability. Bear in mind that it is excellent for a job seeker to have several different papers like an MBA recommendation letter or a volunteer letter of recommendation. It will drastically increase your chances of getting the job and make you look valuable in the employer’s eyes.

Frequently asked questions about recommendation letter

There are many discussions about recommendation letters. Everybody has their own opinion, and some of them can sound controversial. So we have decided to pick the most frequently asked questions and answer them.

Can a friend write a letter of recommendation?

It can be really troublesome to find the right person and trust them with your future. Who to ask for a letter of recommendation? What if there is a friend who can undoubtedly help you out? Well, it is acceptable, and it is going to be a personal reference. A letter of recommendation from a friend can be attached to your job application and double your chances.

Should a letter of recommendation be typed or handwritten?

There is a solid answer: it is surely supposed to be typed. The letter of recommendation format should remain formal, and handwritten letters do not seem to look professional. So always use your word processor when it comes to essential documents, such as reference letters.

Let’s summarize

We hope we have clarified this subject for you, and now you can make use of all the tips and advice you have. Besides, remember that in case of necessity, you can count on our letter of recommendation writing service, which has extensive experience in assisting people with this complicated process.